Menu of Services

At the end of the day, it's your event—but our goal is to make it special, with every detail handled to your utmost satisfaction. We work with trusted vendors and service providers to ensure all details are handled professionally, on time, and on budget.


Venio offers a menu of customized services from which to choose—but we aren't limited to the items below. Ask us about other event-related services we can provide for you to ease your mind, lighten your burden, and enhance your impact.

  • Designing, producing, and sending invitations to the event
  • Arranging food and beverages (restaurant or catering)
  • Selecting, arranging, and liaising with speakers and/or moderators
  • Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for the event
  • Designing and ordering giveaways and awards
  • Designing, producing, transporting, assembling, and locating signage
  • Making travel arrangements and liaising with guests
  • Making transportation arrangements
  • Selecting and booking hotel and meeting rooms
  • Vetting and hiring expert instructors and guides for events
  • Analyzing presentation requirements, renting, and setting up AV equipment
  • Selecting and hiring event photographers and/or videographers
  • Assisting with or administering social media promotion pre- and post-event
  • Liaising with public relations staff
  • Developing and delivering health and wellness programs
  • Developing and delivering environmental programs 



"We really didn't have to think about anything. Everything was taken care of for us so that we could focus on our corporate retreat. I don’t have an executive assistant or someone that can handle a retreat for us in the manner that it needs to be dealt with, ultimately it was flawless.”


—Jason Goldsmith, CEO, Carchex

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